R. Kelly’s “I Admit” Album Is Removed From Streaming Platforms Hours After Release

Following the publication and now removal of his “I Admit” album, R.Kelly has been a trendy topic of discussion all the way from his prison cell. See why it was taken from streaming services here.

R. Kelly, an American R&B musician presently serving a 30-year prison sentence, had his recently released album, I Admit, removed off Spotify and Apple Music just hours after it was published.

The album, which was released on December 9th while the artist is serving a 30-year prison sentence, had many versions of the song “I Admit,” in which he rapped about his various charges, including sexual assault, in an unapologetic manner. However, the record has since been removed from Spotify and Apple Music.

R. Kelly I Admit
According to some sources, “I Admit”, which instantly garnered a wave of reactions on social media, is a bootleg version, meaning it wasn’t released by R. Kelly or his team. However, some records had been up on SoundCloud as far back as 2018 before being uploaded on streaming giants; Apple Music and Spotify. R. Kelly is currently serving a 30-year-sentence on charges of sex trafficking and has been in prison since June 2022.