Nicki Minaj Signs Skeng to Her New Record Label

Jamaican dancehall artiste Skeng has been named one of the first signees on Trinidadian American rapper Nicki Minaj’s new record label.
Minaj’s new business venture makes her one of the only female rappers to start their own label. She made the announcement on her show, Queen Radio, on Friday. Minaj has not yet revealed the name of the label but has shared the names of her new artistes. 
Joining Skeng on the Chun‐Li rapper’s new label will be Rico Danna, Ghanaian artistes Nana Fofie, and Bronx rapper London Hill, who was featured on the Likkle Miss remix with Minaj and Skeng. Minaj has expressed the respect she has for Skeng and his music numerous times in the past, calling his song Protocol with Tommy Lee Sparta the “baddest” single in years.
Minaj first collaborated with Skeng on the remix to his single Likkle Miss in August 2022, later releasing a second mix to the popular single, The Fine Nine Remix, featuring Spice, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts, Lady Leshurr, Pamputtae, Dovey Magnum, Lisa Mercedez, and London Hill. Following her and Skeng’s collab, the rapper heaped praise on the artiste, labelling him the future.
“Skeng is the future. Every thing Skeng touch is special. He’s different. I love him so much – y’all have no idea. No one is a bigger Skeng fan than me. NO ONE!!! Stay tuned,” Minaj wrote on Instagram last October.
The artiste first teased that she would be starting her label in 2019 but has kept her plans relatively under wraps since then. Last March, while speaking to media personality Joe Budden, Minaj shared that having her own label would be easier for her.
“Having someone manage me and getting a percentage of everything that I’ve built for all these years, no! I’m going to create my own management company, and you know how different divisions of that management company there, and I think it will probably be a lot easier for me,” Minaj stated.
Minaj’s label will be an imprint of Republic Records, and former co-president of Republic Records Wendy Goldstein will serve as president of the label. Goldstein has worked with artistes such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, John Legend, The Roots, Common, and Mos Def.