KiDi and Tulsi Kumar – “Shut Up

KiDi, a Ghanaian native, has risen as one of the industry’s hottest Afrobeats stars in the last two years. In 2021, he had a great breakthrough single in “Touch It.” That was later remixed by Tyga. KiDi also released his “The Golden Boy” album in summer 2021, which gained a lot of attention on social media. KiDi also released his “4Play” EP, which had four new songs, this fall. KiDi has also collaborated with famed producer and music executive Jack Knight.

Now, KiDi is back at it again, with his new “Shut Up” single, along with the visuals for it. This also features Tulsi Kumar, who is also one of India’s most talented artists, over the last several years. Composition of the Shut Up single was also created by Tanishk Bagchi, Jack Knight & Soundmanlos.

“It has been a long but exciting journey to get this idea to come to light, but now that it’s finally done and the video is finished we are very excited,” said Knight of Shut Up.

“Never before has there been such a fusion of varied cultures – in a time when the world seems to be so divided we want to remind everyone that we are more alike than we are different,” KiDi added. “I am so excited about this collab and I hope it breaks cultural barriers!”