Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt lost $12 million in savings due to a scam.

According to his lawyer, Usain Bolt was surprised to discover $12 million gone from an account he had with Kingston-based investment business Stocks and Securities Ltd.

Linton P. Gordon, Bolt’s lawyer, recently notified him over the phone that there was only about $12,000 left in the account.

The account was part of Bolt’s retirement and life savings.

Gordon gave The Associated Press a copy of a letter he made to Stocks & Securities Limited demanding that the money be repaid.

He claims Bolt’s account formerly held 12.8 million dollars but now holds only 12,000 dollars (£9,724).

“If this is correct, and we hope it is not, then a severe act of fraud, theft, or a mixture of both has occurred.”

They threaten civil and criminal action if the money is not returned within 10 days.

Stocks & Securities Limited did not immediately respond to a request for comment. On its website, the company asked that clients direct all urgent queries to Jamaica’s Financial Services Commission, which is investigating the firm.

“We understand that clients are anxious to receive more information and assure you that we are closely monitoring the matter throughout all the required steps and will alert our clients of the resolution as soon as that information is available,” the company said.

The company has said it discovered the fraud earlier this month and that several of its clients may be missing millions of dollars.