Dancehall Artist Caano Denies Report That He Kidnapped Canadian Woman

Upcoming Dancehall artist Caano has denied a CVM TV report that he is involved in human trafficking and scamming and that he allegedly held a white Canadian national against her will.

“She was living with me for a while but the catty [the woman’s] friend called the police inna Jamaica and say me ah hold her hostage, so the police dem come to mi yard,” Caano explained to DancehallMag.

“When mi look through the window, a crazy police outside and the man dem run in and push me down. One of the police dem bruk mi toilet bowl, mi chest of drawers, mi mirror on mi wall, dem demolish mi house. She wasnt kidnapped or held for no ransom, she wasn’t held against her will, she was here with me for six months, is a real relationship at the time,” he added.

The police in St Catherine received a report that a Caucasian Canadian national was being held against her will at his home, and that persons in Canada were being forced to send money.

“The police dem no find nothing in my phone, nothing about scamming in my house, mi sing banging song, that’s all,” the Bank Robber artist, whose real name is Orrette Brown, said.

He was eventually detained and brought to the Spanish Town police station.

“I wasn’t even in handcuffs, I was not a threat to them,” he said.

“The police never press no charges against me, there was no evidence of scamming. When mi ask the cops dem fi a search warrant, dem never show me nothing. All him say was ‘p—y, yu love talk?”. This feels like a violation of my rights and plus, the police leak false information to the media about me, that the woman was rescued, this can damage my reputation,” Caano continued.

The police eventually brought the woman, who is reportedly a former employee of a bank in Canada, to the station. According to Caano, she corroborated his story and even defended him.

“In the end, ah she end up a defend me. She picked up for me, and told them it was all a lie, even the girl brother said ‘this whole thing wasn’t right’. Dem violate mi rights,” he said.

Caano intends to seek legal advice to clear up his name.

“I need the bloggers and the media to retract the story because I have shows coming up online, it is false news,” he said.

A former contestant in the popular Jamaican competition Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, Caano gained attention in 2020, after a viral video surfaced of him deejaying at a body shop in Spanish Town, where he was employed at the time.

Even Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, was impressed with the lyrical potency of Caano, who appeared the shirtless with ungroomed hair in the video. “I thought you were Beenie Man when he was younger. Then you start knock out the beat, and I was like WOW!!!!!. I am a Christian, but I had was to stop and listen, cause you pull attention,” Hall said.

In an interview in 2020, Caano told DancehallMag that his love of English Literature, while a student at the Jose Marte High School, transcends to this day, as he uses the style of creative writing to make lyrically sound music. At the time, he said he had hopes of collaborating with Vybz Kartel.

His songs include Bang Pon Eh Line featuring Tenn Point, Top Coote, Bank Robber, Missed Called, Make Me Feel, and Inside Her.